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    Комплектация с Дополнительным оборудованиемС Доп. комплектацией
    Комплектация с Дополнительным оборудованием
    Комплектация с Дополнительным оборудованием
    Легко разбираемая конструкция
    Комплектация с Дополнительным оборудованием
    Комплектация с Дополнительным оборудованием

    Exercise-bike Angel Solo 3 (for children)

    3-12 years
    Dimensions: LxHxW:
    130x62x98 cm
    1 years
    On the heels of the groin, see
    42-72 cm
    Bike weight:
    24,3 kg
    The maximum angle of rotation of the front wheel:
    • not less than 70° with standard handle-bar
    • not less than 55° with handle bar “for mother”
    The amount of movement:
    • 40-140° in the knee
    • 20-70° in the hip joint
    • 80-100° in the ankle

    Exercise bike Angel Solo is for rehabilitation after orthopedic injury. The main principle which is set in the construction of rehabilitation exercise bike Angel Solo is modularity. Wide variety of adjustments, max usage of special accessories considering “bike” standards.  Usage of specially designed frame, multifunctional backheel in the base package, separate blocks of steering and seat stay with possibility of personal adjustment, additional adjustment of seat height, specially designed part of seat block with possibility of installing adjusted abductor – all that allows to use one exercise bike for all ages (unlike the analogues). Besides, the construction has the possibility of installing adjusted motor drive for positive pedals motion drive in the stationary position (exerciser mode).


    At ordering a bike, a clamping belt goes free of charge in the package (for your choice). If you want, you may order several belts. Each next belt (second, third, etc.) will cost 500 rubles each.

    1. Made in Russia
    2. Not reconstructed, but specially made frame with low position gravity center
    3. Simple modular construction
    4. Horizontally movable seat tube lets adjust the exerciser for individual usage
    5. Stabilization system of pedal horizontal position
    6. Easy traveling which is possible for same size gears and gear ration equals 1. 
    7. One wheel drive improves maneuvering performance
    8. Permanent drive, which on early stages assists in helping and in some cases forces to work out joint mobility

    основные узлы


    1.    Guiding handle.
    2.    Safety chest belt.
    3.    Seat back.
    4.    Seat.
    5.    Safety waist belt.
    6.    Movable seat tube.
    7.     Crank arm.
    8.     Hand holder.
    9.     Front hand brakes.
    10.   Special handle bar.
    11.   Base handle bar stem.
    12.   Steer tube.
    13.   Clasp type V-brake.
    14.   Return spring.
    15.   Fork.
    16.   Front cord of pedal horizontal stabilization.
    17.    Pedal with foot belt.
    18.    Safety cover.
    19.    Rear cord of horizontal stabilization.
    20.    Universal support exerciser/parking brake.
    21.    Self-locking nut.
    22.    Driving wheel.
    23.    Luggage basket.

    59 000 р
    Fixation belt:

    Weight, kg:

    From groin to the heels, see:

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