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  • Трёхколёсные велосипеды


    Customer pick-up. Receiving goods at the pick-up point by pre-approval.
    Shipment on the territory of Novosibirsk city is free of charge.
    • It’s possible to deliver to any point of RUSSIA and also to Belarus, Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. The shipment is paid by a customer, we can recommend TK Delovye Linii, but the customer is free to choose a shipping company. Arranging shipment and delivery to the terminal in Novosibirsk city is free of charge.


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    Cash (Russian rubles);
    Clearing settlement. On the contacts page you can find and download the current company details for payment. 

    Pick-up point

    • Novosibirsk city, ul.Trolleynaya 87/1 k3. Call +7 (383) 292-88-17

    Receipt of goods

    Goods can be given to the person who made the order, or another person at the address specified in the order, willing to pay and take the goods.
    Upon receipt of the goods one should carefully inspect the surface appearance and contents of delivery.
    Be sure to verify the delivery contents exactly what you ordered.



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